Tea Masala Powder recipe | Homemade Tea Masala

tea masala powder recipe

This tea masala powder recipe or chai masala is perfect recipe for authentic spiced Indian Tea. Ingredients of tea masala are basic spices always available in every Indian kitchen. Authentic Indian Tea is the divine drink of our family and homemade tea masala ingredients in tea makes it more delightful.

We start our day with cup of tea with this spiced Indian tea masala powder which contains very nutritious spices those are very helpful to purify our body and give a fresh, healthy start for whole day. I am tea drinker; I never say NO if anyone offers me tea anytime.

I never make plain tea, that’s just not my style, and my parents and in-laws are also never having just tea ever. I used to make tea with this my secret homemade tea masala powder, if it’s not available (that’s happened very rare…), I use fresh ginger or sometimes mint leaves. It all improves taste of an ordinary plain tea.

Now most of you are aware about my love for this tea masala powder recipe and trust me this is king recipe for you if you are Tea lovers, even my brother-in-low, who stays in Ontario, Canada, always get parcel of this Indian chai (tea) spices from me.

You must be thinking that there are lots of tea masala packets are available in market or any Indian store, why am I doing such effort!!! But trust me, all these ingredients are very handy and you can make this recipe effortlessly. It will last for a long time (around 9 months to 1 year). Infect, I don’t have good experience with ready-made tea masala powder, they sometimes make tea taste so bad for us. Its total useless for the tea people rather than coffee lovers.

Homemade Tea Masala Powder
Homemade Tea Masala Powder

This is discovery of my tea masala powder recipe. I again suggest that, you should try this at least once. I am sure that you will become habitué to it. One major advantage is you can store it for around 1 year, so just 10 minutes effort and you have 1 year quota for your plain ordinary spiced Indian tea. Also this stays fresh and its fragrance lasts for a long time. You have to store it in room temperature.

6 Basic Ingredients of tea masala powder

  1. Ginger Powder or dried Ginger
  2. Cardamom
  3. Black Pepper
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Cloves
  6. Nutmeg

Here is the full recipe of  Tea Masala Powder recipe.

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Homemade Tea Masala Powder with 6 Ingredients | Spices for Indian Tea (chai)

Prep time
Total time
Homemade Tea Masala Powder or Chai Masala Powder a basic part in my spice-box for authentic spiced Indian Tea. Authentic Indian Tea is the divine drink of our family and homemade garam masala ingredients in tea makes it more delightful. This Indian spice tea ingredients enhances the taste of ordinary Tea.
Recipe type: Masala
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: -
  • 100 gm dried ginger powder or dried ginger (soonth)
  • 50 gm cardamom
  • 25 gm black pepper
  • 25 gm cinnamon
  • 25 gm cloves
  • 1 nutmeg
  1. If you don’t have dried Ginger in powder form, than first make powder from whole dried ginger. Don’t directly put dried ginger into mixture jar, but first use mortar – pestle to soften it and then put them mixture jar to make powder
  2. Peel the cardamom and take out that black part of it. Don’t use cardamom with its outer layer.
  3. Add cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg into mixture jar and make smooth powder of it.
  4. Now in big mixing bowl, take dried ginger powder and all others spices powders and mix them well. It’s ready to use. Store it in container in room temperature.
1) Don’t store it in cool place.

2) Please follow the measurements to get best result.

Homemade Tea Masala Powder
Homemade Tea Masala Powder

Avoid Mistakes on first attempt of making Homemade Tea Masala Powder

  • You need to be precise with measurement if you want authentic taste of this recipe.
  • Once masala is ready you need to store it in air tight container in room temperature. Do not store it in cool place.
  • Don’t use masala directly from that container. Take a small amount of masala say 10 tablespoon and store it into another small container for daily use. These will preserve fragrance of your masala for long time.
  • After some months, if you find tea masala lost its fragrance than, don’t worry, don’t throw it. Just grind some cardamom and dry ginger powder, and add into remaining masala, it get back taste and fragrance again.

This is my basic tea masala powder recipe, there are many variations and people add or replace some extra ingredients too but I thought for beginners. I am sharing my family famous recipe with handy ingredients. The main ingredients in this chai masala powder are dry ginger also known as “saunth” or “soonth”. Other than listed ingredients, you can also add fennel seeds, dried mint leaves, dried tulsi (holy basil) leaves, black cardamom, star anise etc.

But for this kind of spices tea masala some people might not like it so if you are new to making tea masala powder or trying of masala tea then start with this recipe I would suggest.

I hope you’ll like this….. 🙂


  1. Hi,
    Can u please give the measurement in terms of cups or tbsp? It will easier to prepare.

    1. Hi, Subha. Thanks for asking. I always follow the measurements in grams for this recipe. I always buy all ingredients with same measurements I have shared in post. So, I am not sure about measurements in terms of cups or tbsp. But you can find conversations online. I am sharing one link with you is http://www.aqua-calc.com/calculate/food-volume-to-weight . I hope this conversion-calculator may help you. If you will try this recipe with measurement in terms of cups or tbsp, let me know about your result.

  2. Hi,

    Please tell us the ratio of your masala powder and tea powder for one tea…

    1. For 1 cup of tea, take just 1/3 tsp of my masala powder.

    2. I want best tea powder masala quality super best

  3. Your recipes are good can you suggest me menu for snack party in my house we r vegetarian

  4. Hi, Thank you for asking. You can add this tea masala powder into loose tea. Take 1 cup loose tea into container and add 3 tablespoons tea masala powder into it. But I suggest keep both into separate container, it will preserve the smell of tea masala powder.

  5. Hi Reena, thank you for this. How many cups of chai do we get from this recipe?

    1. Hay, I am not sure, numbers of cups of tea from this amount of tea masala powder. I usually store same quantity for a year.

  6. One more question:
    50g cardamom, is that 50g of whole cardamom or 50g of only the inner black seeds?

    1. Hi Philen,
      50g of whole cardamom is required. Then use inner black seeds of it.

  7. Thank you for this for recipe on masala tea,what are the health benefits.

  8. Is cinnamon that you buy in grocery store to bake cookies with the same as the cinnamon powder in your

    1. No, Sue, it is not the same that I have used in my recipe. but you can use that cinnamon powder also, just make sure that use half quantity of it.

  9. Hello, please can pregnant women take this tea? If yes, how often?


    1. Yes, they can… but 1 cup per day only!!!

  10. How much weight a nutmeg in grams ?

    1. Hi Jonathan, nutmeg weight may be 10 grams approximately. I have used one whole nutmeg with the other measurements.

  11. Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 wymey

  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Kathleen Martin. Regards

  13. Hello, should I use black or green cardamom?

    1. You need to use green cardamom, deborah!

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