About Me

Welcome to Veggie Food Recipes!

Hi, I am Reena Vyas. I belong to an Indian Gujarati family. I spent my childhood with healthy-eating habits, farming-market driven culture and homemade cooking environment in the city of milk (AMUL DAIRY) Anand, Gujarat, India. My parents were in a small cooking business, and I also used to help them in kitchen. My mom told me that at very early age of 5, I could perfectly roll out Rotis, Parathas & Bhakhari (different types of Indian bread). I learned making traditional Indian vegetarian recipes from my mom and grandmother.

After graduation in Computer Engineering, I started my career as lecturer in college. I continued my higher education and completed my masters in Computers Engineering after my marriage. Meanwhile I got a chance to learn more delicious recipes from my mother-in-low. She cooks lovely mouth-watering Indian vegetation dishes. We both spend lots of time together in kitchen. I have always enriched her traditional recipes with a little modern touch. We used to do some experiments which were resulting in some fusion and innovative recipes.

My husband, Varun noticed my passion of cooking. I would say, he is the reason of starting Veggie Food Recipes. He always insisted I start working for myself rather than doing 9 to 5 job for someone else. I started to think on that and did research on “HOW TO START A BLOG” and “HOW TO SHARE MY RECIPES WITH OTHERS“. And finally I concluded that it would be exciting to work on what I like the most and for what I am very passionate about. All of my family members encouraged and supported me for my decision to be a full-time FOOD BLOGGER.

I have more interest in creating “Fusion Food Recipes”. All the different parts of the world have different weather & different ingredients availability. I’m on the way to innovate such Fusion recipes, which can be made with different ingredients and that too with ease. I often watch different non-vegetarian recipes on TV and try to replace those non-vegetation ingredients with vegetarian ingredients and you know what sometime it turn out so ingenious that everyone loves in my family. People around the world love Street Food and I have created the “Healthy Version” of many street food recipes. I am mad at Mexican Cuisine, Sandwiches and different recipes created from Rice.

As I was in software development, I am pretty much interested in Android Application Development as well. Apart from cooking vegetarian food I am also learning baking and oven recipes. Recipe Styling and food photography are my new favourites after I started Veggie Food Recipes. My food blog is the highlight of my passion towards cooking. And by sharing healthy & vegetarian fusion of different cuisines I would like to contribute to the world of veggie food lovers…..!!!!!

Veggie Food Recipes is a vegetarian food blog which includes multi-cuisine, healthy and easy recipes made with fresh and seasonal vegetarian ingredients. Please stay connected with us and nJoy the variety of delicious veggie food with me. 🙂