Veggie Food Recipes Turns One!

Hi Fiends!!!

Veggie Food Recipes turns one!!! It is First Blog Anniversary!!!

It is rather incredible to believe that just 1 year ago, I lunched my website and started the blogging adventure with my cooking passion, extending my journey by exploring new technologies (WordPress, CSS, photoshop, and writing post), learning a new medium through which I can share my love of cooking and photography and most of all, connecting with the whole new community out there who are in the same profession.

I had previously shared my aim behind the starting my carrier as food blogger in my previous post 6 months journey of veggiefoodrecipes.


Best Ever Restaurant Style Methi Matar Malai

It’s hard to find your passion and your area of interest into your life, but it is more difficult to turn your passion into your income. I did job only for making money; it was never my niche to work as a professor. But due to uncertainty of my understanding of what I want from my life, I continued that boring job.

I feel so lucky at this moment. I got the opportunity to work with my dreams (witch may turn into my source of income).

My husband is the ONE, who gave me push to find out, what I love to work with, and how I could turn my dream into carrier. We all need to start somewhere, if sooner or later.

One of the rigid misconceptions of being a blogger is that people don’t understand how much work it really is. From the outside it looks like pretty sweet and easy task, but from inside it is lots of hours spent on so many things rather than JUST cooking.

5 major tasks every food blogger have to do for one post:

  1. Chose the recipe according to seasons and cook it
  2. Photograph the recipe with step- by – step.
  3. Write the post for that recipe
  4. Add technical contents to your post
  5. Submit the recipe with recipe submission sites.

You need to stay update with TREND of recipes and find ways to make your favorite recipes to get popular. You have to spend at least 1 hour daily for social media marketing. Sometimes, you need more time to submit recipes to recipe submission site to drive more traffic to your website.

I had the issue with photography. As I never picked up DSLR camera before, learning the photography and also the food styling was challenging task for me. I spent hours and hours to study online tutorials for food photography and styling. And still learning….

It is no means to get rich quick scheme, but it is possible to make money by blogging. I know this is so tuff to work with, when you work as hard as others for months without seeing one penny in return. And people around you were asking your income report. I never underestimate myself by those pity questions. Patience is the best buddy while you are entering the blogging world.

That was SERIOUS!!!

Now, I am gonna share with you, happiest moment of my life.

Hay friends, I am expecting a BABY!!!




Oh boy or girl!!!

We don’t know yet! But there is tiny little baby about to join us in a Month of March 2017!!! I am so over the moon…

Plan for work

I am taking some time off as currently my 8th month is going on. And then step-by-step by coming back with veggie food recipes. It probably take 3 months to get back, but that will again depends on how it will happen and how soon I comfortable with my routine.

But I am sure, I will come back with blast recipes, I want your support as you have given wonderful response till now….

To celebrate 1 year anniversary, I am counting down my 5 most popular post from the last year!!!

And Let me know, What is your favourite recipes among these!!! 🙂

#5 – Monaco Biscuit Canapes | Monaco Biscuit Toppings

Monaco Biscuit Canapes with Veggie Toppings
Monaco Biscuit Canapes with Veggie Toppings

#4 – Malai Kofta Recipe With Restaurant Style Malai Kofta Curry

Malai Kofta Recipe with Restaurant Style Malai Kofta Curry

#3 – Step By Step Authentic Gujarati Churma Ladoo Recipe

Authentic Gujarati Churma Ladoo Recipe
Authentic Gujarati Churma Ladoo Recipe



 #2 – How To Make Sukhdi Recipe In 15 Minutes | Gud Papdi Recipe

Sukhdi Recipe
Sukhdi Recipe

#1 – Homemade Tea Masala Powder With 6 Ingredients | Spices For Indian Tea (Chai)

Homemade Tea Masala Powder
Homemade Tea Masala Powder

I  also want to take this moment to thank every one of you who ever visited, commented, liked, shared,… none of this would have been possible without your support! So, thank you.

Keep connected and I am coming back with my little one!!!


  1. Congratulations for getting into parenthood.

    1. Thank you, IndianStreetsFood group. 🙂

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