Chickpea Patties Recipe | Chole Masala Tikki Recipe

Chickpea Patties Recipe

Chickpea Patties Recipe with step by step photos and method. Chickpea Patties is also known as Chole Masala Tikki in Hindi Language.

Have you ever think of Chole Masala Tikki instead of typical Chole Masala Curry Recipe??? When someone in your family is always demanding for something new as dinner you often make Chole Masala Curry. Hence, you will definitely ruin their craving.

Chickpea Patties Recipe
Chickpea Patties Recipe

Think: Patties can be made from Chole Masala Recipe just by adding

  • mashed potatoes
  • and freshness in term of coriander
  • just need to shallow fry it

and you will get crispy outside, soft inside patty with minty yogurt or just with tomato ketchup… Don’t forget about some crunchy salad with it!

Isn’t it that as simple as making ordinary dinner menu in your kitchen? Just give little more effort to make patties and you will definitely nailed your demand of “something new in dinner.” Doesn’t it seems to be an easy chickpea patties recipe?

Chickpea Patties Recipe
Chickpea Patties Recipe

I think this is one of the best veggie patties recipe. You can cook this recipe with leftover mashed potatoes. In case you want to have a look at more leftover mashed potatoes recipes, I have created many of them like,

My Chickpea Patties recipe was created accidentally. I soaked the chickpea one day and my plan was making chickpea curry with traditional chole masala powder. But it was not my lucky day!

Chickpea Patties Recipe Steps
Chickpea Patties Recipe Steps

My hubby came from his work and demanding something new in dinner. I showed him that i already cooked chickpea curry and he didn’t have any options now. He said “no, try something new instead of typical chickpea curry!”

Chickpea Patties Recipe (Raw Patties)
Chickpea Patties Recipe (Raw Patties)

When he is in kitchen, I am more confident about trying something new. He is my lucky charm!!! I said let’s try patties from this. And I boiled the potatoes, mix with curry and bind the patties with some corn flour. And shallow fried the patties. He tasted and as usual he loved it.

Chickpea Patties Recipe (Shallow Fry)
Chickpea Patties Recipe (Shallow Fry)

Then I made some fresh salad and we had “something new” kind of dinner… 🙂

So, I must say that, if you have leftover chickpea curry, then this will also work… you can make wraps with this patties a very next day into lunch also. Kids will also love these chickpea patties into their lunch-box.

Chickpea Patties Recipe
Chickpea Patties Recipe

Avoid Mistakes At First Attempt of Making Chickpea Patties Recipe

  • Boil the chickpea and drain all water from it, then use then into recipe.
  • You must avoid the saucy consistency in making chickpea curry otherwise binding it with boiled potatoes is near to impossible.
  • You can add some corn flour into patties mixture if you cannot give shape to chickpea patty mixture.


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<h2>Chickpea Patties Recipe | Chole Masala Tikki Recipe</h2>
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Chickpea Patties Recipe with step by step photos and method. Chickpea Patties is also known as Chole Masala Tikki in Hindi Language.
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 4
  • 1 cup chickpeas soaked for at least 6 hours
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 4 cloves garlic minced
  • ½ tbsp ginger paste
  • ½ tbsp green chili paste
  • ½ cup chopped onion
  • ½ cup tomato puree
  • 1 tbsp chole masala powder
  • Salt to taste
  • 1½ cup boiled and mashed potatoes (250 gm)
  • 4 tbsp corn flour for coating
  • 4 tbsp oil for shallow frying
  • ½ cup chopped coriander
  1. You need to boil the chickpea for 15 minutes. Or in pressure cooker, take chickpea and water and cook till 4-5 whistles.
  2. In skillet, heat the oil, add minced garlic and sauté for half minutes. Then add chopped onion and give it a nice stir. Cook it for just half minute.
  3. Then add ginger and chili paste, and cook until onion translucent. Then add tomato puree and cover the skillet with lid and cook for 2 minutes.
  4. Then add boiled chickpea, salt and chole masala powder. Cool till you get aroma of all spices of masala powder. And switch of the flame.
  5. Then using spatula, just roughly crush the chickpeas and let it cool for a while
  6. Then add mashed potatoes and lots of cilantro or coriander into it. And mix it well.
  7. Now make a patties shape or any shape you may like. Coat the patties with corn flour.
  8. In a same skillet add the oil and shallow fry the patties till it get golden brown color from both the sides.
  9. Serve with green chutney or tomato ketchup with some fresh salad
You can serve it with some fresh salad and green chutney or tomato ketchup.

Try this easy chickpea patties at home and let me know how it tastes. 🙂


  1. Its perfect snack to relish with a cup of tea..

    1. Thanks… I m glad that you liked it… 🙂

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