Cheese Stuffed Onion Rings

Cheese Stuffed Onion Rings

Cheese Stuffed Onion Rings – Yummy and delicious cheesy onion rings is best food to enjoy the first rain of the season. Let me tell you, my cheese stuffed onion rings is here to rescue in case you are struggling to choose between onion rings or onion pakora. This cheesy onion rings will definitely satisfy your craving to eat pakora.

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Dahi Papdi Chaat with Homemade Papdi

Dahi Papdi Chaat With Homemade Papdi

I made this easy and delicious Dahi Papdi chaat with Homemade Papdi recipe. The step by step photos of Dahi Papdi Chaat will surly attract you to try and make street food at home. The street food never complete without chaat! Among all chaat recipes, papdi chaat is everyone’s favourite.

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2 in 1 Vegetable And Mashed Potato Grilled Sandwich

2 in 1 Vegetable And Mashed Potato Grilled Sandwich

This crispy 2 in 1 vegetable and mashed potato grilled sandwich is the combination of two famous street food sandwiches. Bombay Vegetable Grilled Sandwich and Aloo Masala Grilled Sandwich (can also be referred as Mashed Potato Grilled Sandwich) which are very popular street food in Mumbai. Not even in Mumbai but you can find them in every ordinary street food restaurant menu.

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Spicy Khaman Dhokla Recipe

Spicy Khaman Dhokla

Spicy Khaman Dhokla is a classic Gujarati dish with a sponge like texture and flavored with a spicy tempering and lemon. Khaman Dhokla is one kind of dhokla recipe which is soft, tangy and sweet, sometimes spicy, spongy and best healthy recipe for kick start of your day.

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Deep Fried Fenugreek Toasts (Methi Toasts)

Fenugreek Toasts (Methi Toasts)

Hello friends! This fusion recipe Fenugreek Toasts (known as Methi Toasts in Hindi), will surely makes you hungry though you just ate! Who don’t like Indian Pakora or Vada ot Frillters! I am sure you have tried the famous Bread Pakoda. This Fenugreek Toasts are slightly twisted from typical Bread Pakora recipe.

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Sprout Potato Basket Chaat Recipe | How to make Potato Basket Chaat

Sprout Potato Basket Chat Recipe

Sprout Potato Basket Chaat Recipe always is a perfect starter for party. The delicious taste of this Potato Basket Chaat makes it the best dish for snacks or starter. Here, I am sharing a healthy version of potato basket chaat with you. And yes, it is one of my own creation of stuffing and baskets i am using here are fully home-made baskets.

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