Easy Chickpea Veggie Burger Recipe

Chickpea Veggie Burger


Chickpea Veggie Burger is easy and healthy veggie burger recipe made with chickpea patties and lots of veggies. If you are looking for veggie burger to make your summer more fusion and healthy – in a good way – this is the recipe which you are looking for. This chickpea burger or chole masala veggie burger is best of my favorite burger recipe.

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Chickpea Patties Recipe | Chole Masala Tikki Recipe

Chickpea Patties Recipe

Chickpea Patties Recipe with step by step photos and method. Chickpea Patties is also known as Chole Masala Tikki in Hindi Language.

Have you ever think of Chole Masala Tikki instead of typical Chole Masala Curry Recipe??? When someone in your family is always demanding for something new as dinner you often make Chole Masala Curry. Hence, you will definitely ruin their craving.

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Veggie Pizza Quesadilla Recipe | How to make Quesadillas

Veggie Pizza Quesadilla Recipe

Veggie Pizza quesadilla Recipe is the best fusion of Italian and Mexican Cuisines. So, how to make quesadillias which combines the pizza from Italy and quesadilla from Mexico. By mixing these two we got this cheesy, greasy, crispy-flat base pizza quesadilla recipe very tempting and unique fusion dish. And with these home-made tortilla sheets, I don’t think you need to looking for anything to try it now!!!

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Stir Fry Broccoli – Chinese Style

Stir Fry Broccoli

Stir Fry Broccoli and rice is one of my favorite broccoli dish among other stir fry recipes. Stir Fry Broccoli is packed of so much flavor that everyone will forget how healthy it is and also full of veggies. It is vegan, gluten-free, loaded with healthy vegetables, protein and coated with flavored sauces.  Even if you are veggie-resistant, you never say NO to this dish, if you take one bite of it.

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Indian Dry Spicy Okra | Bhindi Masala Recipe

Dry Spicy Okra (Bhindi Masala)

Dry Spicy Okra or Dry Masala Bhindi is a very popular, staple and loved dish in Indian cuisine. Every regions, every states of India have their own creation of Dry Spicy Okra recipe.

A okra is sticky and crunchy vegetable, only hard thing about it is you cannot add water while cooking it. So, I have cooked okra alone first in oil only and then did seasoning so that authentic taste of okra would not overcome by Indian spices.

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Farali Pattice | Mashed Potato Patties Stuffed with Coconut & Dry Fruits

Farali Pattice

Farali Pattice is a fasting recipe with tasty coconut and dry fruit stuffing covered with crispy layer of mashed potatoes. Farali Pattice is the recipe that is highly in demand while festival seasons. In India, we have so many religious festivals and all have their unique identity among the people.

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Broccoli pesto spaghetti

Broccoli Pesto Spaghetti

Broccoli pesto spaghetti topped with freshly grated cheese is quick and healthy dinner. Do you know how to make delicious broccoli pesto spaghetti in just 30 minutes? Let’s make this together. This is one of the easiest pasta recipes. I have prepared it with very basic recipe of Broccoli Pesto which you can find in my previous week recipes.

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Cheesy Green Peas Stuffed Paratha

Cheesy Green Peas Stuffed Paratha


Cheesy Green Peas Stuffed Paratha is an Indian style shallow fried flat Indian bread, stuffed with soft mixture of green pea and yummy cheese. This is the best combination of color, taste and complete meal of all types of nutrition. This recipe is also known as Cheesy Matar Paratha in Hindi.

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5 Steps to make Easy and Tasty Veg Lasagna Recipe

Easy and Tasty Veg Lasagna Recipe

Hey friends, I am back with very easy and tasty Veg Lasagna Recipe which is my second attempt of an Italian cuisine. This Veggie Lasagna is another pasta dish – A tasty Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe. I tried this recipe once in famous vegetarian restaurant. And you won’t believe, I can still taste that delicious Veg Lasagna in my mouth. That recipe totally nailed me. Now a days, I am learning different cuisines apart from Indian. And I found Italian cuisine little bit difficult compare to others.

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