4 Ways To Make Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

4 ways to make Fried Rice Recipe

Vegetable fried rice recipes are best suitable when you are thinking about easy dinner ideas,and you can do pre-preparation by cooking rice in advance.

Kids will love them, and this is the best way to let them eat vegetable in hidden way. Chop your all vegetable finely. Perfectly suitable vegetable fried rice for toddlers!

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipes are






Sometime we bore with  typical retinue recipes. We want to try something new but either we are afraid of failure or we are out of ideas. even we have ideas, we are out of ingredients at the time of cooking. If you have Ingredients, you don’t have recipes or if you have all, then time is crucial point…

These are 4 different fried rice recipes can be cooked with all basic pantry available into you kitchen.

Collection of 4 different ways to make Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe:

Here, I am choosing 4 different ways to make fried rice or you can say, 4 ways to use leftover rice because all 3 recipes can be cooked using leftover rice.

(1)   Spicy Capsicum Tomato Fried Rice Recipe

This is my innovative recipe. I changed the authentic “Tomato Rice” or “South Indian Tomato Rice” with this tomato capsicum twist.

This is the fastest way to use leftover rice in my kitchen!!! I hope it may become yours also.

Try this recipe and please send me feedback.

Spicy Capsicum Tomato Fried Rice Recipe

(2)   Veg Mexican Fried Rice Recipe

I tried Mexican Rice at lest 4 times in restaurant, try to understand the actual taste if Mexican cuisine.

Then I cooked Mexican Fried Rice Recipe at home, and I got success in first shot! I am so lucky in that case, since then I am big fan of Mexican Recipes.

The key of this recipe is nothing. This is so easy to make also just 15 minutes recipe. You can add any veggies you like. I made Mexican version of fried rice, then beans and corn may add best flavor of Mexican cuisine.

Veg Mexican Fried Rice - Cooked rice tossed with kidney beans, corns, peppers and seasoned with some ordinary spices like salt and cayenne pepper powder.



(3)   Masala Fried Rice With Turmeric Onion Raita

The simple recipe always tastes great. Masala fried rice recipe uses the basic Indian spices and mainly GARAM MASALA. I liked this recipe a lot. It also ready in 30 minutes!

The woman Richa behind the veganricha.com is great cook.  She has done fantastic job with Indian cooking and foreign Ingredients.  I love her all vegan recipes. You should try this masala Fried Recipe with raita.


(4)   Easy Chinese Veg Fried Rice

Sometime I intentionally cook more rice to cook vegetable fried rice or other recipes. Especially during the winter, I got green vegetables mostly leafy vegetable in local market. In those green onions or scallions is one of my favorite.

This fried rice also served as one pot meal.

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe | How to make easy Chinese Veg Fried Rice

Hay friends, These fried rice recipes are my everyday rice recipes. I am huge fan of rice recipes. you can also find more Rice Recipes and enjoy you craving…

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