4 ways to make Lemonade Recipe


Lemonade Recipe is first choice when you are thinking about cool drink in this very hot summer…What is all time favorite summer drink? I have come with new avatar ordinary lemonade by giving twist of fruits. Yes! Why not I may include fruit to lemonade?

Kids will love them, and this is the best way to let them eat fruites in hidden way. Grind them with their favorite Lemonade or you can say “NIMBU PANI” with some fresh fruits.

Lemonade Recipes are






These are 4 different lemonade recipes can be cooked with all basic pantry available into your kitchen.

Collection of 4 different ways to make Lemonade Recipe

Here I am sharing you my fevorite version of ordinary lemonade recipes. I have many more, But this is the best one that you will defiantly love…

(1) Cucumber Lemonade Recipe 

This is the best cooling drink ever! It has coolness of cucumber, and tanginess of lemons. cucumber mint lemon water itself has so many advantages that you can simply blend them together and add some water and ice.

This is my fevourite drink, since I have created this drink, I am in love with it… Since I myself has doubt about my hand on drinks. I am not good at creating drinks or any lemonade. But all my friends who have tried this recipe, said you are wrong about your option.

Cucumber Lemonade | how to make Cucumber Mint Lemonade

(2)  Pomegranate Mint Lime Juice | Pomegranate Lemonade Recipe

This is perfect refreshing drink with lots of benefits of pomegranate and freshness of mint and some tanginess of lime and also have spark in term of rock salt.

This is special one… For the women, who will turning 30’s or already beyond 30’s, then I am sure your skins requires some special care… and natural substitutes are the best in case of you are using some anti-aging cream available in market.  Take this juice twice in a week; you will have best skin as your teenager’s days.

Pomegranate Mint Lime Juice - a refreshing pomegranate juice with some fresh mint, tangy lemon and punch of rock salt.

(3)  Mint watermelon smoothie | Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

Watermelon and Mango are both summer special fruits and both are full of vitamins and minerals.  Especially watermelon has 92% water which helps to maintain water level in body during hot summer days.

When kids, want to play, and you ask to watermelon slices as it is, they surely reject it. So to minimize their playing break, give a glass of mint watermelon smoothie, they never reject it. And get hydrated with good minerals and vitamin to enjoy vacation…

Healthy Watermelon Mint Lime Smoothie

(4)  kiwi lemonade Recipe

We all know the nutritional fact of kiwi fruit. And everyone likes to have kiwi as it is. But sometime you want some fancy way to have eat regular fruits. So, drink is the most lovable and easy option for that.

I am strict minimalist when it comes to taste of recipe. If recipe looks fantastic but horrible in taste, I never share those (failures in my case) on blog, and vice versa.

Mint Kiwi Lemonade

So, this summer, I Hope you are having these four blast lemonade recipes.. Have HAPPY Summer!!!


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