4 ways to make SAMOSA Recipe

Samosa Recipe seems to be at the top of everyone’s snack and appetizers list. In India, wherever you go, you always find samosa as most versatile street food, as a starters, as snacks, or sometimes as part of dinner.

You can say Samoa is National dish and now it becomes worldwide. Samsoa recipe is now as famous as pizza.

Samosa Recipes are






These are 4 different Samosa recipes can be cooked with all basic pantry available into your kitchen.

Here is the list of 4 best delicious ways to make Samosa

1)  Punjabi Samosa Recipe

This is the authentic way to eat samosa. Crispy, flaky, with delicious aloo filling, best ever aloo samosa recipe from scratch! Learn to make the best samosa pastry, delicious filling and watch the video to know how to stuff and shape the samosa!

This recipe is from Cook, click nd Devour  fellow food blogger. You can find super delicious recipes from her recipe collection.


2)  Lentil Samosa Recipe

Lentil Samosa recipe is best appetizer dish from Indian cuisine. Lentil-potato samosa recipe is my creation of held in kitchen.

No onion, no garlic still super tasty Samosa is so loved by family that they always ask for lentil Samosa instead of ordinary one.

Lentil Samosa Recipe (Fried Samosa)
Lentil Samosa Recipe (Fried Samosa)

3)  Chinese Samosa Recipe

Chinese Samosa Recipe is another variation for traditional Samosa recipe. I would love to introduce the most innovative way to eat noodle as appetisers!

Serve this Chinese samosa with schezwan sauce or chilli garlic sauce as an party appetiser or tea time snacks for kitty parties.


4)  chocolate samosa

This is why samosa recipes are most versatile. You can have sweet or savoury version of them. Generally it has savoury stuffing which include potato and peas with some Indian spices.

I did research how I can make Indian dessert recipes which I can transform into modern dish. Here is the result of that research. Chocolate samosa is way to better then typical brownie, ice cream recipe.

At least give a try for this samosa recipe.

There are just 4 types of recipes. If you have more versions, I would love to give try. Please share your ways…

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  1. That’s a wonderful collection of samosa recipes. Thank you

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